Monday, October 21, 2019
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The HOBAS Centrifugal Casting process is a fully computerized automated production process. The feeder arm which continuously inserts the three basic components, glass fiber, polyester resin and fillers into over 6 m long rotating mold.


1- Focusing on customer satisfaction through proper design.
2- Increase the benefits gained by customers.
3- Work professionally and target oriented.
4- Consistent premium Quality.
5- Gaining success to enrich and motivate individuals around us.


1- Enthusiasm
2- Self-Responsibility
3- Openness
4- Development

Advantages Of HOBAS Centrifugal Casting Pipes

1- Production uses a certain algorithm that produces a standardized wall structures with accurate defined wall structure layers.

2- The high pressure compaction loads during the casting process ensures the homogeneity of the laminate. 

HOBAS Quality Control Program includes the following:

1- Testing the raw materials.
2- Testing the semi-finished products.
3- Strength tests on finished products.
4- Instruments calibration.
5- Ensuring the identification and traceability of the products.

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